Partnering with IHRC

Solving the toughest health challenges… together.

Impacting public health and health outcomes is not a singular journey. More than ever it requires diverse expertise and strategic collaboration. Government, industry, academia, NGOs, non-profits, and others must all align to accomplish this mission.

It takes a deep understanding of this unique ecosystem and knowledge of how the pieces fit together in creating a viable solution for each specific problem that needs to be addressed. IHRC’s years of experience working and partnering with these various entities makes us a trusted partner. Our understanding of their individual operating models and where they fit — based on our areas of expertise — enables collaboration designed to produce innovative responses to emerging health needs.

You may have remarkable
technology, but that’s only the

Health technology companies, biotech developers, university research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies develop powerful solutions every day. Creating a strategy — and a team — that can deliver these benefits to the government or any other customer takes a partner who deeply understands the requirements, can identify other potential teammates, and can apply scientific, management and other necessary expertise to the solution.

If you share our vision of improving public health through groundbreaking science and technology, let’s talk about how we can partner to deliver on that promise.

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