Clients and employees share their experiences. We are committed to listening and learning from them.


“The vendor’s management team was exceptional. The program manager consistently checked in with on-site staff and the COR”

– CDC, Contracting Officer’s Representative

“IHRC’s performance benefitted the government because it met contractual requirements and exceeded many. The vendor quickly acquired highly trained, top quality staff, trained them on new needs as they arose, quickly coordinated travel for outbreak investigations at low cost to the government, and consistently provided high level for quality customer service “

– CDC, Contracting Officer’s Representative

Management of this vehicle was exceptional. The Vendor was extremely customer service oriented in their interactions beyond the Business Owner, when interacting with all management levels throughout each of the Centers. The Vendor responded to requests from the Centers and made sure the management of the contract was not at risk and COR was always involved in the communications.

– FDA, Contracting Officer


I had the pleasure of working for IHRC over multiple years. I switched consulting firms when IHRC took over an existing contract that I was on and they led a seamless transition. IHRC was always very supportive of my professional goals and helped me build up my experience and move to new positions, out of the laboratory and into the office. I felt like I truly belonged to a close team there, they created a family environment.

– Former IHRC employee

I was employed at IHRC for 6 years. This was my first federal contract employer. There wasn’t a time where I didn’t feel valued, heard, or appreciated. There are not many companies where the CEO / President personally called you and asked how things are going and if I had any questions or concerns. I can honestly say this about everyone employed by IHRC, Inc. from human resources to payroll personnel, all were very personable and always responded back in a timely manner, sometimes even after hours if necessary.

– former IHRC Program Management Analyst II

During my 9 or 10 year tenure working for IHRC, I enjoyed working for a company that allows for growth and success. They represented professionalism and provided satisfactory support and guidance in support of their clients needs. It feels as a family environment (rather) than just a career or another job opportunity! I loved working for a company that didn’t mind working for me!!!

– former IHRC employee

Employee had a phenomenal experience working with IHRC. He is thankful to have participated in world class research at the CDC and VA. Transitioning from a Fellow to working with IHRC provided him many opportunities and the employee benefits are fantastic. For personal and professional reasons, he would have liked the opportunity to participate in the COVID response activities and hopes this opportunity will be afforded to future IHRC employees in this Center.

– former IHRC employee

The highlight of working for IHRC was their professionalism and perks, and as a prior employee with the company working there for a period of three years, I received a great deal of support from the management staff. The benefits were good, and the pay was in line with the work involved. If you are thinking of joining this agency, you’ll be in good hands.

– former IHRC employee