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Fhirbird Universal Messaging

A next-generation messaging services platform providing secure, reliable, and rapid transport of messages, data, and actionable content both within your enterprise and over the Internet (patents pending, production release scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2018).


For more information, email Fhirbird@ihrc.com, or call IHRC at 678-615-3220 and ask for the Fhirbird Team.

  • Fast & Secure
  • Reliable & Monitored
  • Device Independent
  • Payload Agnostic
  • Actionable
  • Microservices

Fast & Secure

Fhirbird securely transmits encrypted messages with full tracking and accountability. Fhirbird can provide 10,000+ simultaneous connections on a single virtual server of modest specification.

Reliable & Monitored

Fhirbird’s web dashboard provides real-time message monitoring with full transactional message audit trail and metrics.

Device Independent

Fhirbird supports all types of devices (laptops, phones, IoT). Fhirbird mobile apps can support a wide range of industries and customer-specific requirements.

Payload Agnostic

Fhirbird’s API Bridge supports all HTTP client protocols, such as REST, SOAP, and HTML, allowing customers to integrate existing transport applications with only a configuration change.


Fhirbird’s API Hooks provide secure access to message metadata to trigger processes to support situational awareness, decision support, event notification, message transformation, harmonization, aggregation of data, data analytics, and more. Users can create secure API microservices to execute synchronously or asynchronously during Fhirbird message delivery.


Fhirbird’s API Hooks provide the communications and harmonization framework that enables a microservices approach to a staged transition of services from a monolithic legacy system to a loosely coupled array of microservices.

Fhirbird users save money and gain features by replacing expensive and vulnerable custom data transport systems with a fast, secure, reliable, and flexible managed alternative

Businesses and government agencies routinely undertake in-house development of data transport functions, diverting resources from their core missions. Resources are also diverted for managing and mitigating security concerns about vulnerabilities, including potential exposure of message content while in transit or when at-rest in data centers. Fhirbird provides a universal messaging system that allows enterprises to focus on creating and using data at the message end-points while Fhirbird manages the reliable and secure distribution of all messages and data. Fhirbird easily integrates existing client applications and devices, enabling them to securely send messages both internally and over the Internet using encryption both at-rest and in transit

Fhirbird Applications within Healthcare

Healthcare interoperability standards are transitioning to the HL7 FHIR® message standard, replacing HL7 2.x and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) message formats. HL7 FHIR® provides a conversational and transactional approach to the exchange of health information with dozens of APIs required to replace prior HL7 formats. Fhirbird’s universal HTTP protocol provides a single API resource to encrypt and send any HL7 FHIR® message to one or more remote destinations. Healthcare users of Fhirbird are free to focus on the effective use of the data, knowing that Fhirbird is maintaining a reliable, secured, HIPAA compliant, and FIPS conformant communications environment.

The incorporation of patient genomic information into EHR systems increases the immediacy of ensuring secure, reliable, and traceable exchange of data between and among research and healthcare organizations. The number and complexity of these types of exchanges will increase rapidly. Safely managing the collection and distribution of the source genomic data and research results is a major Fhirbird strength.

Awareness is growing among provider organizations of how enhanced outcomes and error reductions can be gleaned by networking various medical devices with patient data systems. Most devices were not designed with security in mind, so there is inherent risk that must be mitigated. Fhirbird provides the tools to enable interoperability and harmonization across the healthcare Internet of Things, allowing for secure, rapid, and reliable message delivery between medical devices and clinical data systems. Fhirbird is also an effective tool for linking the growing number and types of personal medical devices for in-home monitoring, clinical decision support, and alerting.

Fhirbird is primed to support upgrading old information exchange systems and communication paradigms which many organizations are still using. Data transport tools such as FTP and SFTP no longer satisfy the security requirements for safe data communication over a vulnerable Internet environment. The FBI reported that over 1 million FTP servers are being targeted by cyber criminals for the purpose of mining PHI and PII data. Provider and Payer organizations must reduce their vulnerability to exploitation.

For many organizations, the most valuable use of Fhirbird and its API hooks will be to provide the communications and harmonization framework that enables a microservices approach to a staged transition of services from a single legacy system to a loosely coupled array of microservices.

For more information, email Fhirbird@ihrc.com, or call IHRC at 678-615-3220 and ask for the Fhirbird Team.

CMMI Dev Level 3 Appraisal Mark

CMMI Dev Level 3 Appraisal Mark