Management Consulting

Our expertise, our extensive experience providing consultation in science, population health, information management and bioinformatics, and our network of subject matter experts allow us to effectively assist our clients in the development and implementation of solutions that address their most important questions.

Core to our consulting practice is a meticulous process that employs an unambiguous decision-making algorithm to avoid delays, duplication of efforts, and confusion by defining the decision-making process and identifying requirements for input, recommendations, agreements, and closure necessary for the implementation of critical initiatives.

We prioritize stakeholder engagement to ensure that all participants are kept abreast of progress, milestone achievement and benefits delivery, and we carefully tailor performance metrics and governance processes to meet the specific needs of each initiative. Our solutions incorporate leading practices and we strive to ensure that our clients meet their objectives and maximize ROI.

Our Applied Research consultation services assist our clients in the implementation of applied and translational research projects to meet organizational objectives in the Sciences, Health Sciences, and other areas. We assist our clients in the identification of the underlying science, methods, and databases and we provide them with a strategic plan that they can use to achieve their objectives and facilitate the adoption identified strategies.

From the design and implementation of an agency-wide bioinformatics program to the development of a novel diagnostic assay for public health or precision medicine, to provision of bioinformatics analysis or workforce development training, IHRC analyzes the individual needs of our clients and provides them with a strategic plan to achieve their objectives.

Our subject-matter expertise, extensive experience, and our partnership with the Bioinformatics Program of the Georgia Institute of Technology allow us to remain at the cutting edge of bioinformatics and incorporate the latest bioinformatics innovations into the solutions that we provide. Our bioinformatics solutions can be tailored to population health preparedness, surveillance, outbreak response, research, precision medicine, workforce development training, and many other areas.

Our Biosafety consultation services help to ensure that our clients remain in compliance with all federal, state, local and institutional biosafety and biosecurity requirements. We understand the importance of the establishment of a culture of safety, where work is conducted in a manner that protects the safety of all staff, the public, and the environment. Examples of the areas in which we provide biosafety consulting include: 
  • Laboratory biosafety program planning, organization, monitoring, operation, and assessment
  • Evaluation of engineering controls, administrative controls, SOPs, and PPE
  • Risk assessments for work involving infectious agents, rDNA, and other hazards
  • Occupational Health and Safety / Evaluation of Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace
  • Development and implementation of root cause investigation and analysis procedures, mitigation strategies, continuity of operations and surge plans, and communication strategies for biosafety policies, procedures, and risks
  • Laboratory inspection compliance
  • Documentation and tracking of safety incidents for reporting and quality purposes
  • Evaluation of biosafety training needs, development of biosafety training curricula and provision of appropriate safety training
  • Monitoring implementation of new policies and practices in laboratory safety
Our business consultation services identify key business processes, organizational structures, technology, resource allocation and other areas that directly impact operations. We work closely with our clients to understand the dynamics of their business, and their short, mid-term and long term goals. We assess the requirements for reporting and tracking, and we identify relevant leading practices and technologies required to ensure that they achieve their objectives. We provide our clients with strategic plans that address identified issues through development, implementation and maintenance of quantitative reporting measures for financial and performance data, development and maintenance of data management plans, training, and other areas. Our innovative solutions enable our clients to overcome barriers, optimize efficiency, incorporate best practices, and formulate sustainable business strategies to maximize ROI.
We offer environmental health consultation services in areas including, but not limited to the development of new environmental sample collection, processing and testing methods for various activities including outbreak investigations and other investigations of suspected environmental contamination.
Leveraging our expertise and our extensive experience providing epidemiological support services, we offer our clients global epidemiology consulting services to assist in the development of strategic approaches for outbreak investigations, surveillance, disease etiology studies, transmission studies, and many other areas.
Our Health Communications services are offered assist our clients in the development of effective strategies for the creation of health related material and global communication to target audiences through a variety of media. Applications include: 
  • Determination of communication objectives
  • Development of scientifically accurate, clearly stated material including web and print communications
  • Development and execution of dissemination plans to ensure distribution through appropriate channels to reach target audiences
  • Website design and branding
Our Health Economics consultation services are offered assist our clients in the production of strategic plans to analyze their economic research objectives, including the burden and impact of disease, and the cost and cost effectiveness of health interventions. Our consultants utilize their expertise in the creation of analysis plans, identification of relevant databases, and selection of appropriate methods for statistical analyses to ensure that the results meet or exceed client expectations.
Health Policy Analysis to assist our clients in the formulation of comprehensive policy analysis approaches that are supported by scientific evidence. We advise our clients in the identification of the science underlying policy components, the identification of relevant databases, the development of policy analysis tools and training material, use of quantitative and qualitative methods to synthesize policy findings, identification and mitigation of gaps, and strategies for effective dissemination of results to key partners.
Leveraging our expertise and our extensive experience providing information management solutions and consultation, we assist our clients in the development, implementation and maintenance of effective information management programs. Consultation services may include the selection of appropriate methodology for IM projects such as Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, Analysis of Alternatives, architecture planning and design, project planning and business process design as well as cost benefit analysis of alternate solutions.
Development and implementation of Mathematical Models for the simulation of real world systems of interest through mathematics to predict future outcomes, the effects of interventions, and other variables. We work closely with our clients to understand their modeling needs and provide expertise in the development, validation and implementation of mathematical models and modeling tools to simulate the desired system. Applications include:
  • Development of computational models of the interactions between agents and their hosts, disease spread, preparedness threats, prediction systems, response strategies, and other systems
  • Development of test indicator constructs
  • Inference of attack rate from available surveillance data and prediction of final attack rate
  • Assessment of the possible impact(s) of intervention(s), including, medical countermeasures, treatment, and vaccines on the system of interest
  • Assessment of vaccine effectiveness
  • Development, testing and evaluation of an “index of preparedness”
  • Economic evaluation, such as assessment of the possible impact(s) of budget alterations upon laboratory capacity
  • Assessment of optimal resource allocation
Management of program operations and logistics, including travel, communications, timekeeping, resource management and other areas.
Whether our clients are designing new programs or projects, or optimizing existing resources, we provide them with a tried and tested approach to ensure the implementation of effective governance structures, accountability and stakeholder coordination, implementation of leading practices and continuous process improvement. We strive to ensure that client programs adhere to organizational goals and efficiently utilize financial and other resources.
Our Regulatory Affairs consultation services assist our clients with the preparation, review and analysis of regulatory submissions for in vitro assays, pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and other submissions to ensure compliance with federal state and local regulatory agencies and applicable laws. IHRC ensures that our clients’ regulatory submissions meet all applicable requirements and prepares responses to regulatory agency questions. Examples of regulatory submissions include, but are not limited to, 510(k), Special 510(k), De Novo and EUA submissions as well as required pre-submissions, amendments and revisions.
We assist our clients with the identification of impediments within their research and development processes, organizational structures, and other areas that directly impact research and development operations. We provide innovative solutions to overcome barriers, optimize efficiency and formulate sustainable research and development strategies, incorporating novel and emerging technologies where relevant.
We assist our clients in the identification of strategic objectives and the formulation and implementation of strategic plans to ensure their desired outcomes.
We leverage our expertise and our extensive network of subject matter experts to assist our clients in addressing their most complex and difficult challenges in numerous fields including, but not limited to:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biosafety
  • Business
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Communications
  • Health Economics
  • Information Management
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Pharmacy
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Research
  • Science
  • Statistics and Biostatistics
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Management
  • Veterinary Pathology

CMMI Dev Level 3 Appraisal Mark

CMMI Dev Level 3 Appraisal Mark